When You Can’t Afford to Fail

Get the EXACT strategy you need to succeed!

You know the importance of scoring well on the MCAT. You’ve worked hard and sacrificed for years to reach your goal: medical school. Now you’re facing the MCAT, and your score is the key to the rest of your future. The Princeton Review says that nearly 50% of test-takers have to sit for the exam at least twice due to inadequate preparation. You can’t afford to be one of them. The costs of re-taking the MCAT go far beyond the expense of the exam. Think about the time you spend studying when you could be working; the costs of potentially delaying your interviews and acceptance by an entire year or more; and the physical and emotional toll of all that stress. It happens to a lot of students, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. I can get you through this. You’ll have to do the work, but I’ll show you the way.

Working Strategy

When you’ve got an effective plan that makes sense for you, you can be confident that you’ll know exactly what to do on test day.

Solid Foundation

It’s not just about facts and equations…it’s about applying your knowledge and finding the answers to tricky questions.

Consistent Practice

Strategic, guided practice in your specific areas of weakness mean your chances of MCAT success go through the roof.

Beyond Instruction

I understand what you need to do to set yourself up to succeed on test day, because I’ve been there- and I can help YOU succeed, too.

Most MCAT study programs don’t set you up for success

Sure, you can reach your MCAT goals using the generic, big-name test prep programs. Just be sure to make good use of their piles of resources, the 10-foot stack of books, thousands of hours of monotonous video, and hordes of questions with very little guidance for sorting through it all.

Sound overwhelming?  It is!

You’re facing the sheer volume of information you’ll need to master, with no real idea how effective the generic “guides” will actually be in helping you along. These programs may work, but only if you’re self-sufficient and capable of breaking down this monumental task effortlessly.

But there’s a better way: working with an expert mentor who’s invested in your success and able to guide you through an approachable, tailored course of study that takes into account your strengths and needs. Not only have I already mastered this material and taught it for more than 10 years, I’ve also mastered the process of MCAT preparation.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let me come alongside you and show you the way.

This isn’t just a study program.
It’s a personal guide through your MCAT test preparation.

When you sign up with me, you’re signing up for test prep. That means there are videos to watch and resources to lean on as you study. But you’re also signing up to work directly with someone who’s devoted to your success, your positive outcome, every day.

It’s up to you to do the hard work of studying, but I’m giving you the tools to be successful. You don’t have to “figure out” your plans — they’re already in your hand. And when you need any help, I’m right here for you.

My strategy session with Leah made me feel so much better and relieved, knowing that I have a plan set up to tackle the MCAT. Before the session, I thought I should quit, after getting a 2 in Verbal Reasoning but the plan we worked out helped me to realize that I can still obtain my goals.

Do you know how to master the MCAT?
I do, and I can show you.

My job is to help you prepare from the ground up. We’ll set a custom schedule that matches your specific needs, strengths, and weakness. Right from the start, you’ll be doing exactly what you need to be doing, rather than wasting time following a generic online calendar that throws everything at you at once.

Because this program is tailored to your specific needs, your study hours are effectively directed where you need them most, in a progression that gives you a real grasp of the material (rather than a list of guides to memorize). You’ll need to be able to understand and apply these fundamentals to answer the trickier questions on the test, so memorization alone won’t cut it.

What’s more, I understand the challenges students face in preparing for this test, especially when they aren’t coming straight out of 4 years of undergrad. I can pinpoint the “missing links” for you when you get stuck, and then get you back on course toward your goal.

After you join the program, we’ll identify what you need to be studying and then break those topics down into manageable pieces. You progress through the material one day and one week at a time, at a pace that you can handle.

What all this means for you is less frustration, overwhelm, and burnout. And a greater chance of success.

So what’s my story? And why should you hire me?

As the daughter of a single immigrant mother, I didn’t have the typical childhood. I did know, though, that I wanted to live the American Dream and become a doctor. I wanted to practice Military Emergency Field Medicine. I became an EMT and joined the US Navy Reserves. I was on my way!

Or so I thought. While in undergrad, I was a diligent student, but cramming data into my brain ended up not being enough to get by. I actually withdrew from organic chemistry because I was going to fail.

At that point, I thought my dream was in ruins — despite all my best efforts. I knew no one around me believed in me. I didn’t believe in myself, either.

It was two years before I finally knew what it meant to truly learn and understand — and two years to find the courage to re-take the course.

The result: I consistently broke the grading curve in organic chemistry, and then went on to do the same in orgo 2. It wasn’t until I was asked how I managed to turn my performance around that I discovered my passion for teaching.

As I debated between medicine and teaching, my unit was called up to serve in the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While on a year-long deployment Iraq and Kuwait, I fell out of a watch tower and injured my hand.

The injury caused me to re-evaluate everything I’d assumed about my future. With my ability to keep serving in the military now in question, I made the decision to pursue teaching — but not at a university, where the students are only there because they have to be. Instead, I set out to work with students like you, who want to learn, who want to understand what they study, and who want to know how to succeed.


My MCAT Experience

I’d been studying for the MCAT before my deployment, so I decided to take the test when I returned. I received my honorable discharge on a Thursday afternoon, checked out of the military base Friday morning, drove 2 hours to the testing site, rushed through the exam, and then drove 8 hours from Virginia to New York — my final destination.

Without studying for nearly the year, I scored a 30 (this is the old MCAT).

Now I’m here to help you find your own MCAT success. What started more than a decade ago as private tutoring on the side has become my full time focus. I do MCAT prep all day, every day, and I’m alongside you every step of the way.

How I can help you

What I offer you goes beyond tutoring. When you work with me, you’re working with a private tutor who truly understands not only the material, but how to teach it in a way you can understand and not just memorize. But I also understand what you need to do to set yourself up to succeed on test day — and not just knowledge-wise.

In other words, we won’t just work on test prep. I also interview students after their exams to see how they felt, how prepared they were, what their thoughts were about the test-taking experience, etc. I look for any information that will help me give you be as prepared as possible — not only from an academic perspective, but from a psychological and emotional one, as well.

I’m not just a tutor hired by a big company (for a laughably low percentage of the enrollment fees) to make sure you follow a generic calendar and only care about you for as long as the clock says I should. I’m your one-on-one guide to MCAT preparation, and I’m wholly devoted to your success.

Most test prep companies throw material at you in such big fancy words that it’s difficult to understand. Leah is very accessible, as she will respond back to you in a very quick and timely manner, whereas some other big name companies will not communicate with you personally.

What does it take to ace your MCAT?

361An operative strategy that actually works.

Passing the MCAT is an enormous task, but it’s one you can handle when you’ve got an effective plan that makes sense for you. You can feel confident that you know what to do, how to spend your time, and where to devote your efforts.

The MCAT is indeed a “monster” test that requires you to master a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. Looking at everything on your docket without a plan of attack is nothing short of panic-inducing. But here’s the truth: You don’t have to be intimidated by the piles of books, hours of practice tests, and the sheer volume of information you need to cover.
Instead of succumbing to panic and paralysis, you need to break everything down into manageable chunks, and then figure out what you need to accomplish each day, week, and month so that you’ve covered everything by the time you take the test.

Building your preparation strategy requires a deep understanding not only of the material the MCAT encompasses, but your own current state of preparation, strengths, weakness, and learning pace.


A rock-solid foundation in the material.

The MCAT not just about facts and equations. You have to know the principles like the back of your hand, and then use them to tease out the answers to tricky questions. In other words, you need to understand each concept, break it down, make sense of every term, reaction, equation, and scientific unit… for everything the MCAT covers. For example:

    • You may have memorized that both kinematics and conservation of kinetic/potential energy can be used to solve free-fall problems, but do you understand exactly why and how?
    • You may have memorized that liquids with greater inter-molecular forces have a higher boiling point and lower vapor pressure, but do you understand it enough to answer experimental questions on that subject?
    • You may have memorized the glycolysis, krebs cycle and similar pathways, but do you really understand how they work together? How they connect to the big picture? the significance of every enzyme and control factor along the way?

It’s a lot to handle, and rote memorization isn’t going to be enough to get you the score you need. You’ve got to go beyond memorization, to understanding and mastery.

Awareness of ongoing weaknesses through consistent practice.

The best way to assess your level of understanding is through consistent practice. By practicing each subject, you can see what you’ve mastered and what’s still a weak point for you. But practicing alone isn’t enough — you need to know how to evaluate your practice so you can move forward with feedback and insight into your current trajectory. Where can you find this feedback? And what do you do when you get stuck with a question you can’t answer? How do you ensure that every potential weakness is tested and evaluated, so you can turn it into a strength? What you need is a partner who already understands what you don’t — someone with a deep grasp of the material and the ability to identify your trouble areas, before you can even see that they’re trouble. It takes more than just the ability to grade an assessment. It takes mastery.

A roadmap of goals, checkpoints, and regular measurement of progress.

The best way to measure your overall preparedness for the MCAT is with full-length exams and strategic review. You have to know when and how to test, how to interpret your results, and how to pivot or intensify your direction. It’s critical to understand what each number means and how your next week of study will be affected by it. Being able to do this evaluation quickly and effectively is the key to your overall progress. The last thing you need is to discover, deep into the process, that you’ve got significant gaps in your knowledge that can’t be filled in time for the test. By having these regular check-ins, you won’t have to face that nightmare.

Leah’s strategy sessions have helped me map out my time and identify points within my daily schedule that can be maximized for study or even light review. Most of us are rather busy on any given day and Leah can help you figure out the best use of those minutes normally applied toward mundane tasks while also crafting time tailored to your schedule to balance the studying with all that life entails.

Introducing the MCAT Science Study Hall

You’ve got a mountain to scale, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let me take you by the hand and guide you through your MCAT prep from where you are, to the very end. With the MCAT Study Hall, you’re not just joining me — you’re joining a competition-free pre-med community, and we’ll all crack the code to MCAT success together. I’ll come alongside you to help you figure out the exact steps to take to reach your goal, and then I’ll be there as you reach each milestone along the way. You don’t have to “figure this out” alone — I’ve already figured it out for you, and once we start working together, we’ll see your path laid out from today to test day. Imagine: No more what-ifs, second-guessing, or worrying that you’re missing something. No more spirals into overwhelm and despair. Just a manageable course of study that meets you exactly where you are and fits your individual timetable. The MCAT Study Hall is an in-depth framework that we’ll take and customize to your exact needs, making additional adjustments along the way as your mastery grows and your needs shift. What follows is an in-depth overview of this framework.

What You'll Get


The first step to a successful MCAT preparation journey is replacing the overwhelming mountain of information with a doable plan that custom-fits your specific schedule and study needs. That’s the very first thing we’ll do together: analyze where you stand, where you need to go, and what has to happen every step of the way to get you there. I’ll help you look at your schedule and break it up so you know exactly what to cover each month, each week, and each day — even down to specific study hours. We’ll set mini-goals so you can focus on mastering your tasks for today, tomorrow, and next week, and feel like you have the process under control. No more being overwhelmed by the total process — you just need to worry about the next step on your plan. And instead of overwhelmed, you’ll feel confident, hopeful, and highly motivated, knowing that yes, you can do this one step at a time. And you’ll have the knowledge that you’re taking the right step, every step of the way. Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll start with a detailed questionnaire that helps me understand you as an individual student, including your specific needs, challenges, schedule, goals, and anything else relevant to your preparation. My goal is to understand anything and everything that affects where you are and where you want to go, so your study plan is one that works for you right from the start — no matter what your situation is.
  • After the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a video chat (lasting about 45-75 minutes) during which we discuss your interview and help you set up a very specific study schedule with a focus on overcoming your personal challenges. You’ll get homework and action steps showing you which videos and study hall resources to use and when, and we’ll set up a personal Backwards Calendar showing you exactly what you have to accomplish every month/week. We’ll set measurable mini-goals so you never have to wonder about or be surprised by your progress.
  • After your plan is in place, we’ll continue communicating as challenges come up — as often as you need, even if it’s multiple times a day. We’ll also talk after every full-length practice test to identify any weaknesses and areas to improve.


While the MCAT isn’t just about your science knowledge, you do need that solid foundation of content from a perspective of logic and understanding. Forget boring textbooks and dry video lectures — the material needs to resonate with you, strongly enough that you feel confident applying what you know to tricky questions. You’ll have access to a full library of Study Hall videos, to engage your visual and auditory senses. Topics are drawn out in full color with detailed yet simple explanations every step of the way. You’ll learn from the diagrams as you hear the step-by-step breakdown of the logic behind every concept and equation. Every video will tackle a topic starting from the overview – what is this topic about and where does it tie in with the big picture? Then there’s a step-by-step breakdown with easy-to-follow diagrams and real-world examples to help you visualize even the most difficult and convoluted topics. {NOTES SCREENSHOT} Forget being distracted by note-taking as you watch. Every video includes a full-color PDF of the notes from the lecture so you can follow along and take it with you to review later. The Study Hall science bootcamp video library includes:

  • Complete bootcamp video series along with full-color PDF notes for MCAT Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.
  • Sessions are taught following the AAMC outline with a focus on building a solid foundation, truly understanding the basics, and breaking down difficult concepts into simple-to-understand explanations.
  • Index for each video so you know exactly what is covered where in the video (in progress and updated regularly).
  • Full-color PDF notes of the live session to follow along and review later.
I was really hesitant and worried that [your videos] would be just as useless as the other prep companies and only give surface explanation of topics but boy was I wrong. You go waaaayyy in depth and explain all the foundational concepts in chemistry and physics. Through your videos, I now realize that my foundation in chemistry was extremely weak and all this time I’ve been trying to build an MCAT-sized chemistry house on a weak foundation!! By watching your videos I am able to re-learn and experience several “ah-ha” moments that are crucial for me to expand and build my understanding of the MCAT chem/phys section.

With the MCAT’s heavy biology focus, there’s a huge amount of topics to cover. Each of the 3-hour biology mini-bootcamps covers a student-selected topic. Each session follows the AAMC outline on that topic for content and learning. The following mini-bootcamps are available:

  • Genetics Part 1
  • Genetics Part 2
  • Meiosis/Mitosis
  • Prokaryotes
  • Viruses
  • Fe/Male Reproductive Systems
  • Reproduction Reproduction/Embryogenesis
  • DNA – structure, replication, transcription, translation and more
  • Eukaryotic Cells
  • Lab Techniques (in progress)
  • Nervous System
  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Immune System
  • Digestive System
  • Excretory System (April)
  • Muscular System (April)


While the study hall videos will provide you with a solid content foundation, sometimes you still have questions — questions that arise on the videos, questions that come up as you review, and questions that have you stumped on your practice tests. That’s why we have 90-minute live office hours twice a month. There, you’ll be able to ask about topics you need explained, concepts that don’t make sense, and questions that came up in your studies. But unlike college office hours where the professor will tend to one student at a time, these live sessions are a learning opportunity for everyone. Every question is turned into a group learning exercise and discussion. Learn from the answers given to other student questions, and ask follow-up questions on the topics discussed to ensure that you feel confident with the material. Participating in these group discussions is invaluable for solidifying your understanding.

After trying the big name MCAT prep classes and struggling through overfilled, online, scripted lessons, I finally stumbled upon Leah. She takes the time to not just explain the concepts thoroughly, but puts them into perspective so it’s not just memorizing topics, but rather understanding the big picture concepts. Her explanations and personal attention are a much more “human” approach to learning the information for the MCAT.
With these live, 90-minute office hour sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Submit questions
  • Participate in working through questions submitted by other students
  • Ask follow-up questions on the discussion to ensure you understand the topic at hand
  • Catch the video recording + PDF notes posted within 48 hours


The cut-throat competition and sabotaging nature of ill-informed pre-meds is no way to learn. The Study Hall includes a bonus competition-free Facebook community for students to work together, and commiserate together. Share resources, answer each others’ questions, and help each other prepare for the upcoming MCAT. I’m also there every day, but I find that students often answer questions before I can even get to them. In the group, you can:

  • Browse regularly shared resources and other helpful advice posted by students
  • Enjoy a competition-free zone — there’s absolutely no hostility allowed
  • Interact with me daily



I conduct regular free workshops outside of the Study Hall. These will cover random topics and will sometimes go very in-depth, These workshops primarily are to check in on your mastery of even the simplest topics. Bonus workshops are edited and posted to the Study Hall, so you have access to these resources whenever you need them.


When you sign up for the MCAT Study Hall, you’re signing up to work with ME. I will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process. I will be there to answer your questions every single day. Study questions get posted to the Facebook group, but if you have personal challenges or need advice, guidance, a listening ear (or eyes) to vent to, or anything else, I’m there for you every step of the way. Email me or text me 24/7 and I will try to respond within a few hours, usually within 24-48 hours.

Choose your best MCAT Study Hall membership level

Every MCAT Study Hall option grants you 4 months access to the program, and each has an opportunity to extend and continue your education for a monthly fee.

Brand New Level! MCAT Study Hall Essentials

This membership package is ideal for students who are ready to dive in and need accountability and structure to stay on track.

For MCAT success, you’ll need a proper long-term strategy. Here’s what’s included when you sign up for MCAT Study Hall Essentials:

Full Study Hall video library access, including all past bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops

Live office hours twice a month

Bonus Facebook group access for Support, Accountability & Tutoring

Daily accountability, advising and guidance

$399 first month then $199 per month as long as needed

No obligation, cancel anytime

Have a while till your exam? “January Option” sign up for 5 months and pay just $1,096 today (save $100. Option to extend after 5 months as needed.

MCAT Study Hall Comprehensive Level – Limit 75 Students

(if the enroll button is missing, this level is full)
This membership level is appropriate for students who are looking for a higher level of personal support.

For MCAT success, you’ll need a proper long-term strategy. Here’s what’s included when you sign up for MCAT Study Hall Comprehensive:

2-Part Strategy Session to get you started on your content/foundation and help you nail down your exam date and goals calendar

Full Study Hall video library access, including all past bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops

Live office hours twice a month

Bonus Facebook group access for Support, Accountability & Tutoring

Email me, Facebook me, text me any time

$549 for the first month then $379/mo till you cancel

Limited Spots Available

Need at least 4 months? Prepay the first 4 months and save. Pay $1599 for the first 4 months (Click to Enroll)

MCAT Study Hall VIP Intensive Level – One Spot Open

(if the enroll button is missing, this level is full)

The 4-month intensive program is for students who want a very intensive program moving forward.  Here’s what’s included when you sign up for MCAT Study Hall VIP Intensive:

4-Part (monthly) Strategy Session to get you on the right track. Let’s get you on track and work to update/maintain your plan each month.

 Full Study Hall video library access, including all bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops

Live office hours twice a month

 Competition-free Facebook group

Text me, Email me any time. Daily advising/guidance

Eight 1-hour exam review tutoring sessions. We’ll review your full length exams together with a heavy focus on optimizing your approach to passages and questions, with strategic homework to help you improve after every review session. Sessions are only valid DURING your active membership. Sessions will be scheduled based on our mutual availability with priority scheduling given to Study Hall members.

Option to downgrade or extend access for $499/mo after 4 months

Just $3,499 When You Sign Up Today

One Spot Remaining

Here’s what current Study Hall members have to say…

ruhaniLeah’s MCAT Study Hall is a program that builds on core concepts needed for the MCAT from the ground up and really emphasizes the foundational concepts in a logical manner, which are important in understanding the more complex processes…. Leah’s MCAT program is tailored to work with everyone’s personal needs as she constantly supports you along this journey.  — Ruhani

stephanieLike most people, when I think about the MCAT and the astronomical amounts of information you’re expected to know, I am overwhelmed by all the content I must learn and apply to test taking strategy and still be able to take the 7 hour marathon test…. You realize that you will likely never know everything and begin to think why bother knowing any of this at all. You also need to build taking strategy specific to the MCAT. These things all combine to create the scary “MCAT monster” that is a nightmare for the average pre-med…. When you juggle different things that you’re currently doing (full time employment for instance), it just makes it hard for you to see the best way to study for the MCAT. The strategy breaks that “monster” into smaller, manageable pieces. I had a hard time trying to make my schedule for everything else fit with my study schedule and with what to learn when. The strategy session just helped me to plan out everything and to master one topic at a time in my MCAT studying and still have time to attend to my normal activities during the week. — Stephanie

Hi Leah!! I just got out of my test and you’re one of the first people I wanted to tell and thank! I’m not sure how it went but what I do know is that your tutoring gave me the best shot I could have given! — Katherina

Overview of the Study Hall Video Library

Leah’s MCAT Study Hall videos are unlike any other resource out there. I spent a year trying out every MCAT study resource I could find, but nothing or no one else clears concepts up as quickly and concisely as Leah does in her videos! I have always been the type of student to try to memorize as much as possible, but I’ve realized this is impossible for the amount of material the MCAT covers. Leah’s videos have enabled me to truly understand and engage with material so that challenging concepts and equations just “click” now, and I no longer feel pressured to flat out memorize what initially seemed like an endless sea of random concepts/equations. Thank you, Leah!!

Questions about the MCAT Study Hall

Question: I’m taking my MCAT in 3 weeks. Will I still benefit from this program?
Answer: This really depends on where you stand with your prep right now. If you have a solid strategy in place, are very comfortable with your basics, and are scoring as desired on your practice exams, then no. If, however, you want to maximize the final few weeks with strategic review and preparation, need brushing up with your basics, and want help raising your score, then yes, this is right for you.

Question: How come the study hall doesn’t include anything about Psychology and Sociology?
Answer: I firmly believe you should only learn from someone who’s a master at their craft — and I haven’t mastered these topics yet. Independently, I study and practice these topics so I can still help out and answer questions, but I’m not yet willing to call myself an an expert. Once I feel that I can teach with 100% confidence, I will add these topics to the Study Hall.

Question: I haven’t taken XYZ subject.Will this program still help me?
(The most common subjects not taken: Orgo 2 and Biochem)
Answer: This depends on how close you are to your MCAT date. I’ve worked with quite a few students who take an MCAT class after their MCAT. That’s ok, but this means you’ll have to put in twice the effort to learn the material on your own.
The good news is that even students who have taken the class tend to forget some or all of the material. Each of the science bootcamps is taught from a beginner perspective to ensure that if you ever missed something in your classes, or never took the classes, you still get the proper MCAT foundation in this subject.

Question: What if I’m planning to test after the dates mentioned here? (Late summer, 2018, etc.)
Answer: I recommend devoting 6-8 months of study to your MCAT, for a minimum of 500 hours. If you’re testing just after the listed programs expire, you will have the option to extend for $349/mo with the option to cancel anytime.

If you’re testing in MORE THAN 1 year from now I don’t recommend starting your MCAT prep just yet. Instead, your focus should be on acing your science classes, and working on your extracurriculars like research, volunteering, and other adventures. These will improve your well-rounded personality and experience, making you a better overall med-school candidate.

Question: Have you taken the MCAT under the current scoring system?
Answer: I would if I could! Tutors and those affiliated with MCAT prep aren’t allowed to take the test — only people who actually intend to go to medical school are permitted. (I signed up, got reported and banned). For that reason, I’m not able to take the test. To overcome that, I’ve done everything in my power to ensure a full understanding of today’s MCAT testing environment.

Question: If I sign up for the MCAT Study Hall, can you guarantee that I’ll score my target score?
Answer: NO!
No one should realistically make this type of guarantee. Every student is different, every situation is unique, and no matter how much I provide, at the end of the day it comes down to you.
How hard are you willing to work in order to attain your target MCAT score?
I’ll do my best by helping you craft a strategy, by pointing you to the correct Study Hall resources, and by being there for you to help guide and motivate and answer your questions in live office hours, Facebook group, email and text, But at the end of the day it will be up to you to put in the work and utilize the resources available.

Choose Your Study Hall Access

  • MCAT Study Hall Comprehensive

  • $1,599
    Single Payment
  • Here’s what’s included when you sign up for MCAT Study Hall Comprehensive:

  • 2-part strategy session

  • Full Study Hall video library access, including all past bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops
  • Live office hours twice a month
  • Bonus Facebook group
  • Text me, Email me anytime - Daily advising/guidance
  • Just $1,599 When You Sign Up Today (a value of over $4500)
  • Limited Spots Remain
  • MCAT Study Hall VIP Intensive

  • $3,499
    Single Payment
  • Here's what you get when you sign up for MCAT Study Hall VIP Intensive:

  • Four-part (monthly) Strategy Session, with a focus on how to best utilize the study hall to maximize your improvement and avoiding overwhelm

  • Full Study Hall video library access, including all bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops
  • Live office hours twice a month
  • Competition-free Facebook group
  • Text me, Email me anytime - Daily advising/guidance
  • EIGHT 1-hour exam review tutoring sessions to be used during your active membership.
  • One Spot Remains

Monthly Options For Students About to Test

The monthly option is a no-commitment, pay-as-you-go, cancel-any-time membership. Monthly membership is ideal for students who are testing within the next 3 months and won’t be able to fully utilize all that the study hall has to offer.

You get access to EVERYTHING listed above for up to 4 months:

Monthly Comprehensive Level: $549 first month then $379/month for as long as you need. Cancel anytime Limited Spots Remain -> Click to Enroll 

Monthly Essentials Level: Pay just $$399 first month then $199 per month. cancel anytime Enroll Now

Monthly plans go up to 4 payments after which you pay the standard (lower) extension fees.